Engraved Leather Notebook - To My Stepdaughter, I'm Always Here For You - Love, Stepdad - Gda17008

Is your Stepdaughtera writer or doesshe simply justlove writing? Would a notebook be a great gift idea forher Birthday, Graduation, Wedding, Christmas, etc.? How about making it more than an ordinary notebook with our engraved leather notebook?

This vintage notebook features meaningful love message beautifully embossed on its leather cover, allowing your Stepdaughter to see your loving words every timeshe uses the notebook.

engraved leather notebook for stepdaughter

Can't wait to see a lovely smile on her face.


  • Soft leather cover with the stretchable strap for a timeless design
  • The size of 12.5 x 20 cm (4.9 x 7.9 inch) for a perfect fit with any bag’s size
  • 74 inner pages for a lightweight carry
  • Paper can be refilled for a long keeping of the leather cover

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